It’s beginning to look a lot like the holiday season!

Couple standing in front of Luke's Country Store

That first snowfall, the twinkling lights and the smell of pine trees—these are all signs that the holiday season is upon us. Whether you’re looking to spend time with family and friends or find ways to get into the holiday spirit, Durham Region’s organizing committees have been hard at work… Read More

Harvest Your Own Christmas Tree in YDH This Holiday Season

Christmas Tree Farm

Kudos to you if recognized these as the original lyrics to the well-known carol O Christmas Tree. It is hard to imagine the holidays without this time-honoured tradition (which, believe it or not, originated in 16th century Germany). Without a tree, where would Santa stash the heaps of presents? What else… Read More

Rise and shine with Durham Region’s delicious breakfast spots

Pantry Shelf Breakfast

Whether you’re looking for a new brunch spot, a reliable local diner, a quaint country café or breakfast for dinner, there are so many places to choose from in the downtowns of Durham Region… Keep Reading

Theatre and Orchestra Performances in Durham Region

Town Hall Theatre

Live performances are returning to theatres across Durham Region. Although concerts and plays have been opening throughout the past year, this is the first festive season—post-most restrictions—for artists in the area… Keep Reading

Rural Adventure Awaits Along the Sideroads of Scugog

Sideroads of Scugog

If you’re searching for a new day trip or weekend adventure in Durham Region, look no further than the Sideroads of Scugog! Featuring seven businesses across the Township of Scugog, enjoy the twists and turns as you experience some of the most picturesque agricultural land in southern Ontario. Pile into the… Read More

Plan a Rural Overnight Sojourn in Durham Region

Town Hall Theatre

There’s something very special about travelling and experiencing new things, but it’s even more dear when we’ve not ventured far from home. Whether you’re looking to spend time with a loved one, make memories with friends or take a solo sojourn, you’ll find that you don’t have to travel far… Read More

Theatre at the Museum

Theatre on the Ridge logo overlayed on photo of the museum

It’s a New Stage! July 12 to August 27 Spend The Summer With Us at Scugog Shores Museum Village It’s been two years of sitting behind screens, standing six feet apart and not making physical contact with each other. This season, we welcome back theatre that gets off the page,… Read More

Durham is Home Collection- available at Scugog Arts!

The Durham is Home collection has arrived at the Scugog Arts Space! Pick up some of the most coveted pieces from the Lake Scugog series steps away from the real thing! The following items are available in both the Lake Scugog and Old Mill Design: Hoodies T-Shirts Hats Get yourself… Read More

33 Beautiful Downtown Boutiques for Local Fashion Finds

From jersey knit tops to oh-so soft yoga pants, many of us have mastered the art of dressing comfortably during the stay-at-home phases over the last two years. If we’ve learned anything, it’s that comfort is key and “hard pants” are not the necessity we once thought they were. As… Read More

Durham’s Perfect Selfie Spots for Film and TV Lovers

Did you know that the downtowns of Durham have a lot of spots that are low-key famous? We don’t just mean “local” famous; we’re talking award-winning, Hollywood, rock star/movie star-level famous. Have you ever noticed many celebrities wear a hat and sunglasses in photos, kind of like a disguise? We… Read More