Lake Scugog: The Perfect Summer Fishing Spot

By Dan Miguel from National Pro Staff

Lake Scugog–Summer Largemouth Bass

Nicknamed by locals as the bog, Lake Scugog is the shallowest and weediest lake in the region and offers the best largemouth habitat. From late June to early fall, Lake Scugog is your best bet to catch your biggest largemouth bass.

Suggested Bait and Technique: Rapala Skitter V (topwater)–cast the bait out near shallow water cover and impart a walk-the-dog action to work the bait through cover while imparting long pauses to experience huge blow-ups.


Lake Scugog–Summer Muskie

Lake Scugog in the heart of the region offers prime habitat and forage for muskie. Known for its large population of muskie, Scugog offers one of your best shots at catching your first muskie. It’s not uncommon to catch several muskie in a day, contrary to the old saying that muskie are a fish of ten thousand casts.

Suggested bait and technique: Super Shadow Rap (jerkbait)–nothing catches a predator’s attention more than forage that looks injured, so toss this bait out and jerk it back to the boat aggressively and erratically for scale-tipping catches.


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