Our Story

Ours is a story of living off the land and building a strong community. The Mississaugas First Nations first lived on the shores of Scugog Island in the 1700s, harvesting wild rice from the shallow waters in birchbark canoes, and making the most of the wetland vegetation and woods for hunting and foraging. Today the Mississaugas of Scugog Island is a First Nation dedicated to creating local jobs and reviving the culture and traditions of their ancestors. Visitors welcome! There is a Pow Wow celebration on the third weekend in July every year, and a year-round shop on the island for fine art and crafts.

United Empire Loyalists cleared land for farming here in the 1800s, including a man named Peter Perry, whose name lives on. Lake Scugog is man-made, created when lands were artificially flooded in 1832 when a dam was built along Scugog River near Lindsay.

Historical image people at Port Perry DockScugog came into its own as a flourishing community for agriculture, fishing and milling. The Scugog Shores Museums, open from Victoria Day to Labour Day, tell the story of those early pioneer days with artifacts that illustrate the cultural and natural history of the area. There’s a heritage village on Scugog Island with a restored school, church, log cabin, print shop and blacksmith for an authentic slice-of-life, and a Scugog Shores Heritage Centre and Archives with interactive displays and a gallery on the second floor of the Scugog Arena.

Come explore our past and experience our fabulous now as we welcome tourists, returnees and new residents looking to enjoy the good life.