For Art Lovers

Our relaxed, country setting comes with so many perks. We’ve got musical theatre, street festivals and events, and great places to just soak up the ambiance.

Theatre on the Ridge in the historically designated Town Hall 1873

has a fantastic summer festival that includes a world musical premiere of Willow Quartet and their take on the children’s classic The Wind in the Willows. The adventures of Mole, Rat, Toad and Badger come to life!

There’s also the Lake Scugog Studio Tour every year where you can experience the personal creative spaces of our artists, and don’t miss the Meta4 Gallery in Port Perry. “This is a superb area for artistic talent,” says painter Birgitta MacLeod, co-owner of the gallery cooperative that has showcased “fresh and exceptional” works solely by Ontario artists since 2005. She’s lived in Scugog for almost 20 years and raised her family here, appreciating all that the area has to offer. “It’s so welcoming and safe, we have the lake, the countryside is beautiful, lots of fresh, local food. It’s a fantastic community.”

Meta4 focuses on Scugog artists in particular, building relationships and creating conversations about their art with the public. “Ultimately, we’re about connecting people with art and handmade,” she says. “When you buy something beautiful, it evokes something special. Or if you do a workshop, you create and you come away with those memories.”

Make a full day of self-discovery with a workshop on pottery, metal smithing or drawing botanicals with lunch included near the studio at the Piano Inn and Café or Marwan’s Global Bistro. Check out our other artistic endeavours here.