5 Great Patios and Why You’ll Love Them!

Story By Karen Hawthorne Soak up the charm and the sunshine! Patio season is here, for sangria and ice buckets of beer, lunch overlooking the water, or cocktails under patio lanterns – Scugog has the best spots for outdoor dining, casual drinks and full-on relaxing. Because that’s what our brief,… Read More

The Perfect Scoop: Gelato, Ice Cream or Both!

By Karen Hawthorne A sweet, creamy scoop of handcrafted Italian gelato or home-churned ice cream is, by popular consensus, the perfect treat on a hot day. Cone, cup or whipped into a milkshake, the refreshing treat is a must-indulge—especially when it’s made with expert TLC by someone who knows the… Read More

Best Local Farm-To-Table Eats!

By Karen Hawthorne Choosing local matters. There’s the incredible fresh taste of food picked that morning (or by your own hands from the vines). Have you gone to an orchard with a basket and sampled a Honeycrisp apple right from the tree? Or tasted ruby red strawberries at a farm… Read More

Lake Scugog: The Perfect Summer Fishing Spot

By Dan Miguel from National Pro Staff Lake Scugog–Summer Largemouth Bass Nicknamed by locals as the bog, Lake Scugog is the shallowest and weediest lake in the region and offers the best largemouth habitat. From late June to early fall, Lake Scugog is your best bet to catch your biggest… Read More

Barbecued Chicken and Ribs! Does It Get Any Better?

Story By Karen Hawthorne When you graduate with an MBA and work in finance, you might not expect your career path to circle back to dishwasher (and multiple other duties!) at your family’s restaurant. But then again, not many restaurants feel so much like home. Haugen’s Chicken & Ribs Barbeque… Read More