Fun for the Fam

Boots please! There’s outdoor dirty fun to be had at Willowtree Farm, owned and run (and loved!) by the McKay family for 50 years. Pet and feed the goats and alpacas, go for a horse-drawn hay ride, see the tomatoes ripening on the vines, ready to top that sandwich or salad for lunch at the farm cafe. Did we say fresh? You can go right out to the fields and pick your strawberries, eggplant, pumpkins and more. Yes, you can even pick your Brussels sprouts right into December!

“They kind of look like UFOs,” Kelty McKay says about the green and purple varieties of Brussles sprouts in her family fields. “They grow in rows and they’re really tall plants with wide leaves. Pretty cool.” She says the hard farm work makes eating your own fresh food even better. They have foodie events year-round paired with regional brewers, like the Bacon, Brussels Sprouts & Brews with six chef-inspired dishes to celebrate the often misunderstood but scrumptious vegetable. “If you have frozen Brussels sprouts boiled to mush, that’s one thing, but fresh-picked and cooked with bacon, they are good!”